Monday, July 13, 2009

Where Do We Find Joy and Peace?

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From Denny: This is the second of three in the series of quotes about Joy!

How many times have you witnessed someone - or done it yourself - watching people seek a peaceful place away from the people who are nothing but inner chaos? Excessively negative people can be a real emotional drain sometimes.

And yes, you will require removing yourself physically from association until you learn how to cultivate that Peace internally. In the end, the world and others will always be chaotic as they struggle with growth - or as is usually the case - they resist inner growth - and that makes their struggle turn violent.

You will find that the more you focus upon inner Joy the more balanced you will be. As you grow your awareness in this Joy you will find that when the negative chaos bursts into your world and tips you off balance, it will only be momentary. How will it be momentary? The longer you cultivate anything the more familiar it becomes! It is easy to find your way back to that calm place after some practice.

Spiritual development is like that, requiring constant practice that daily makes you more aware and stronger to handle stressful situations.


"You are seeking Joy and Peace in far off places,

but the spring of Joy is in your Heart.

The haven of Peace is in Yourself."

~ Sai Baba

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