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How Do You Test a Person's Character the Most? Adversity? No.

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From Denny: Truer words could never have been spoken by President Abraham Lincoln! They apply to politics, religion, employers and parenting. It is easy to abuse your power over someone - "because you can." After all, who is going to stop you?

That's why it is so very important to develop true personal discipline in the cultivating of emotional intelligence to protect yourself from becoming an abuser so despised by others - and God. Who wants negative Karma slapping you in the face when you are at your most weak or vulnerable? No one who is sane asks for that intentionally.

How do you cultivate emotional intelligence? Start with cultivating analytical and then critical thinking. Critical thinking will pave the way for you to no longer be deceived by others who practice the art of misdirection, illusion and clever lying arguments. You will recognize you are being manipulated immediately.

Critical thinking is also useful in understanding the motivations of others in a situation, especially an explosive one like politics or family relationships. Really, politics is just an extension of a national family squabbling over tiny specks of truth rather than the big picture focus of what's right and good for the majority of the governed. People waste time getting caught up in contentiousness and then the whole house falls down around their ears. Reminds me of that movie "The War of the Roses," a divorcing couple that were savagely sadistic and destructive toward one another to the point of literally killing each other. What a waste of time and passion that could have been put to more constructive use for the betterment of others rather than the self-absorbed selfishness aimed at the need to win at all costs.

President Lincoln was a Republican President yet today would be recognized as a moderate or even as a Democrat. He was not a screamer partisan who hated all as the Republican Party has become in the past 25 years. He brought into his administration men from many political persuasions and parties of his time, including his political enemies. He made the effort to be bi-partisan. Whether the others chose to do right by the country was up to them.

Once in the White House, Lincoln quickly recognized he had tremendous power to do whatever he willed and desired not to abuse that power over the country. Before getting elected to the White House he lost 70 elections, surely a test of adversity. In this quote, Lincoln talks about adversity as he knew it well. He also knew great power. The politicians and political rhetoric folks could take a lesson from this thought-provoking President of high emotional intelligence and strong moral character.


"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." - President Abraham Lincoln

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