Sunday, November 8, 2009

How Do You Know If You Have a Weak Mind?

From Denny: How true this quote is when it comes to politics and religion! Too often people obsess on a detail, like the Middle Ages' fascination with how many angels could dance on the head of a pin - completly missing the main concept of where their thoughts should be focused.

In politics, during the Bush years, we saw weak minds easily manipulated through their emotions to focus upon one or two issues that do not affect our lives directly as do the larger ones. The Bush-Cheney team manipulated their loyalists with fear of just about everything and everyone, a hysteria that continues today. They are still willing to believe the most twisted of thinking as their minds are that perverted and have drifted off into the imprisoned world of dementia.

The loyalists came to believe there was evil lurking around every corner: in anything called liberal even to the point they are now scouring the Bible to remove all references from Jesus about being generous or liberal with others for a conservative version of the Bible, in essence, re-writing the Bible.

Other boogeymen supposedly exist in any doctor who performed abortions even when a bad pregnancy threatened a woman's life, forgetting that the body and Nature does spontaneous abortions on a regular basis. Instead, the conservatives waste everyone's time with screaming at and vilifying the desperate mothers and anyone who supports their right to make their own moral choice about abortion.

Just because you support someone's rights to make their own life choices does not also mean you agree with said choices. Everyone in this country is supposed to have the right to free will determination. The conservatives would rather run America like a police state. These folks don't really know what they want in life as they constantly contradict themselves on a regular basis.

If the pro-life people were truly serious about their so-called beliefs they would have figured out by now that killing abortion doctors and vilifying the Democrats and desperate women (most of whom are actually married and can't afford to feed another child are the majority that get abortions) isn't the answer to the dilemma any more than wasting time debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Every time the Democrats try to pass programs to help children they are met with resistance from the Republicans, those same pro-lifers who claim to care so much about life. Well, it isn't enough to care about the start of life when you are unwilling to do anything about the quality of said life once it has begun.

Poor nutrition creates more of society's criminals and is more expensive than social programs in the long run. Children brought up in the stress of poverty have stress chemicals bathing their brains constantly to the result of poor learning ability, further setting them behind their more fortunate peers for the work force. Unfortunately, weak minds can't reason that out and see it clearly.

If the pro-life lobby wants to truly solve the problem then they would get serious about coming up with a 30 year plan for said children about to be aborted and offer it to each mother. In such a plan they would offer free day care, free college education, free school supplies, free clothing, free baby-sitting services, free food, immediate jobs upon college or trade schoool graduation and free career mentoring and jobs networking for those children until age 30.

Optical illusion of 2 possibilities

It's interesting to note the group has yet to offer any more than screaming and vilifying so a person would conclude from their attitude and behavior is they were never that serious about solving the problem in the first place. What they really want is someone to hate, dumping their toxic poisons onto others because they are unhappy in their lives.

That statement is the crux of the matter with weak minds: they are unhappy with their own lives and seek to poison the lives of others. They operate on the principle: If I can't find or create happiness, then I'll make sure no one else around me is happy.


* A weak mind is like a microscope, which magnifies trifling things but cannot receive great ones. - Lord Chesterfield

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