Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Must We Do to Promote Honesty in the World?

George Bernard Shaw expressed doubts about the...George Bernard Shaw expressed doubts about the distribution of wealth under individualist anarchism - Image via Wikipedia

From Denny: This is the first time I've seen a quote from this angle concerning honesty. It really does speak to the hypocrisy of a society to demand honesty of its citizens yet promote greed, lies, deceit and corruption on the government and business levels all because it fills their wallets with wealth and their hands with ruthless unchallenged power. Absolute power really does corrupt absolutely.

For too long cultures and countries have relied upon the honesty of their middle class to carry the weight of the sins of their leaders. In America the Republicans finally achieved their 50 year plan: destroy the unions, the middle class wealth and redistribute wealth and power back into the hands of the few. Now the Democrats are left trying to pick up the pieces and resurrect a better and functioning society. Meanwhile, the Republican wealthy continue to attack and confuse the minds of the middle class with the usual lies and misdirection about how they created this mess in the first place.

What's truly amazing is how many people from the middle class actually were foolish enough to support an agenda that took away their jobs, jacked up the prices of their health care and raised their federal, state and local taxes. God really is calling people to personal responsibility and to quit giving away their common sense and personal authority to others to use for selfish reasons. The watch phrase in this new time is: choose wisely.


"We must make the world honest before we can honestly say to our children that honesty is the best policy." - George Bernard Shaw

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