Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Have You Ever Thought About The Process of Success?

*** Encouragement Quote From famous Award Winning Novelist

From Denny: Right now the Gulf Coast and even the rest of America needs to read some refreshing and mindful encouragement quotes to help us keep going. So much seems to be coming at us through this chaotic economy, severe job loss and underemployment causing bankruptcies and home foreclosures - and now the huge Gulf oil spill from BP who still has not found a way to slow down or stop the broken well leaks. There are over 100 million gallons of oil spilled and more arriving every day to the tune of two million gallons a day. It's an environmental disaster that has everyone in America talking and wondering about how to move ourselves to less harmful forms of energy.

Current times feel dire to million of Americans and millions more around the world as we all go through some universal adjustment of attitude and lifestyle changes. Meanwhile, it helps to focus upon wise thoughts and comforting thoughts to help us through the transition.

I thought I'd start with this quote from famous author James A. Michener. He had a lot of adversity in his life and well understood the difficulties of maintaining a good attitude and continuing to persevere. He was abandoned by his birth parents and was adopted by a woman of few means yet she had a love of books and learning with which she ignited a passion in him to write. Michener went on to work his way across America and later joined the Navy where he traveled to the South Pacific. With all his financial success he never did find out who were his birth parents.

Michener well understood how we slowly build our character into towering strength, how we pursue our dreams and how we finally succeed at achieving the kind of life we always desired. His quote here addresses mental toughness that can only be forged through trial and error on our part.


* Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries. - James A. Michener, award winning novelist, click on link to see his bio as he had a very interesting life.

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