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2012: What Will Happen to Earth and Us?

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*** What you can do to ensure your safety and survival as geologic time rapidly changes - and the resulting paradigm shift of humanity - is in the process of occurring.

What is already happening to fulfill the 2012 predictions

From Denny: A lot is predicted to happen to our planet Earth in the year of 2012. What people are not paying close enough attention to is that the geologic changes are already happening.

There have been high level earthquakes around the globe. When large magnitude earth quakes above magnitude 7.0 happen, they affect the Earth's magnetic poles. Earth's magnetic poles have already shifted slightly and now our orbit has changed as well. Whole continents have moved because of these earthquakes, causing a chain reaction of earthquakes.

Geologic time moving faster than normal, glacial melting, resulting flooding

While geologic time moves slowly, we happen to be living in an era of constant change. The north and south poles are giving up their ice sheets. It's those ice sheets which have acted as the Earth's cooling mechanism for 10,000 years. Now that the glaciers are melting - whether through humanity's excessive use of fossil fuels and air pollution or through a natural cycle of the planet freezing and cooling - the fact remains there is now more water in the oceans and in the air which brings massive flooding. Pakistan is currently experiencing terrible flooding that has killed thousands. The worst flooding also happens to be in the area of the Taliban supporters and strongholds. Coincidence? The Taliban terrorize their own Islamic neighbors, all in the name of religion as they see it: a brutal, vicious take on normally peaceful Islam.

"So goes Russia, so goes the rest of the world" - Christian prophecy

Because there are no longer the glaciers to retard summer heat there are now massive waves of high heat across the globe and the resulting raging fires that go along with very dry land and forests. Russia is currently experiencing terrible forest fires outside their capital city of Moscow and the resulting air pollution is devastating to the health of the residents. These are the first fires and high summer heat that Russia has ever experienced. Coincidence? The Russian crime syndicates have wreaked such havoc on the country, driving greedy consumerism and violent drug crime that the country is out of control like the raging fire. For good or for ill, Russia has a great spiritual influence upon the world - as much as America.

2012 End Times Prophecy

The year of 2012 is heralded as The End of Time yet the prophecies also continue counting Time after the Winter Solstice of 2012. What does that mean? Ancient cultures often wove together their science as well as their spiritual understanding.

What the time marker of 2012 is really all about is that culture on this Earth and the Earth as we know it will end - and begin a new cycle. Whenever humanity is no longer advancing spiritually, instead caught up too much in materiality, there is always a cleansing. Sometimes, it is just a cleansing of the planet in a geologic fashion through flooding, earthquakes, famine or fire.

Cleansing the weakest human DNA

In more dire situations, like in the 2012 prophecy, it will be a literal cleansing of the human DNA, the weaker will be dying off in large numbers. Who are the weaker people on this planet? They are the greedy, the contentious, the destructive, those who throw up obstacles in the way of others who are trying to develop. There will be a lot of loss of life starting now in 2010 and it will go on past 2012: earthquakes, flooding, fires, famine and plagues of disease.

How can you survive what is already here and more to come?

How can you be one of the strong who survive? Build up your immune system with literally a good and positive attitude. Quit resenting or being jealous of others or hating because someone is not your same race, religion or culture. Quit being selfish, self-centered, self-absorbed or greedy. Stop grieving and resume your life again. Think of how you can serve others as it will help dissolve the grief.

Holding on to negative emotions bring destruction to ourselves and the planet

All of this holding on to such strong negative emotions brings about great imbalance. This imbalance plays out as serious illness in your life if held too tightly for too long a time. In these strong spiritual times coming, that negative energy also plays out as damaging the planet, bringing about the severe weather we now see. We are literally affecting our own lives, the lives of others and this planet by how we feel. And, if we feel negative, it brings destruction.

Prayer, meditation and positive attitude bring healing and therefore balance to the world

It's been proven time and again by science that prayer, meditation and a positive attitude have healing qualities and build up our immune systems against disease. It's simple. Set aside the negatives of your family culture and your national and religious cultures. How to avoid destruction? Cultivate the Divine Presence inside you and focus upon building good character. It's that spiritual cultivation of goodness that brings balance back into the world, stabilizing it. Balance.

The practice of balance

Balance can only be achieved through spiritual practices. Balance brings us health, Life and Peace. Balance in all areas of our lives: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually brings balance to our outward world as well. When we are not balanced in our inner worlds then the Earth reflects it negatively. When we are balanced then the Earth reflects it positively. Consider focusing upon, and maintaining, balance in your life so you can make a good and positive difference for the rest of the world too. Then everyone wins.

Vision of The Gardener Prophet

The gardener stood at the window in the heat of summer
Gazing at the huge weeds growing stronger and larger,
Sprouting up proudly as tall and wide as the shrubs,
Crowding the beauty, smug, knowing they didn’t belong.
What was not theirs they chose to steal and own out of spite.

The gardener felt helpless, unable to tend the garden,
For the summer heat was too strong to work outside.
Day after day the gardener watched the weeds take over,
Praying for the beauty to survive the onslaught and
Then a break, a pouring rain came to drench the garden.

The gardener hurriedly went out into the cooling wet air
And began pulling the shallow roots, those showy weeds.
The gardener prayed as she pulled and threw them away.
The gardener prophet knew these weeds sprung up to stop her work
As she prayed for all the people of the world to do better.

The gardener prophet prayed as she worked, knowing that
“As below on Earth, so above in Heaven,” hoping this garden
Would influence and clean humanity of the great suffering.
She toiled with the stubborn and contentious weeds for hours,
Refusing to give in and allow beauty to wither and die.

Deep in thought, hunting down the very smallest new weeds,
Suddenly she looked up and there was an Angel appearing.
The Angel looked at her work in the garden and said,
“Tell the people their suffering has been heard in Heaven.
The culling of humanity begins not in 2012 but now in 2010.”

The gardener prophet wiped her eyes of the spattered mud.
Patiently, the strong Angel waited for acknowledgement.
“The Universe is speeding up the time table,” the Angel announced.
“Humanity is past due to reach the next level of development.
“Knowledge and wise teaching have spread the world to generations.

“Contentiousness, lack of compassion, greed and stubbornness
“Grow as weeds all over the world in every society and religion.
“Beauty struggles to survive, grow and thrive, yet can wither and die.
“The world is now again too full of those who choose to destroy, not build.
“And now Death comes stalking them two years early to clean the garden.
“Only Beauty is meant to walk the earth and thrive in the garden of Life,”
Spoke the Angel softly, and then the vision slowly faded from the gardener prophet.

Denny Lyon
Copyright 6 Aug 2010
All Rights Reserved

Photo Credits - All photos are from my garden and are by Denny Lyon, available under Creative Commons copyright with Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives license.

3 chocolate mint flowers in brush stroke effect Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Field of discarded weeds Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Huge dragonfly on window screen in glowing edges effect Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Bouquet of antique roses in colored pencils effect Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Chocolate mint flowers favored by hummingbirds, colored foil effect Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Purple leaves Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Blue plumbago shade plant Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Bumblebee on lilac chaste tree blossom Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

Antique roses in saturated color Photo by Denny Lyon @ flickr

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