Thursday, June 10, 2010

How Are Hopes, Dreams and Reality Related?

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*** The pressure of Life tests can act like an alarm clock awakening us to act.

From Denny: Sometimes, we can feel like Life is raining on our parade. The goal is to keep looking ahead for the light to guide us - or in funnier terms, "Look for the exit sign!" - especially when you are in a tough life test that feels like you are trapped in a maze. Life puts pressures on us all. It's that uncomfortable pressure that gives voice to the fact we need to move on from where we are because we are not growing. Those pressures act like a loud alarm clock to startle us fully awake to act.

The beauty of this quote is that it addresses being fully conscious, fully present, fully awake. These are the hallmarks of having achieved a deeper level of spiritual development: when you are aware every moment. The entire process of true spiritual development is our everyday conscious mind merging gracefully with our eternal spiritual mind, working in harmony each day.

Hope is a friend. Hope is a vehicle to take us to that greater state of development. Hope delivers us from only a dream into a beautiful reality worth staying awake to enjoy.


* For Hope is but the dream of those that wake. - Matthew Prior

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