Friday, December 2, 2011

Best Spiritual Posts: Music: Oh, Rejoice By Hillsong

reason for the season

Best Spiritual Posts: Music: Oh, Rejoice By Hillsong: From Denny: While my husband was dashing into a convenience store to pick up a few items I was waiting in the car, seeking on the radio stations. I landed on one talk show where a man was discussing the Christmas season shopping frenzy - and often violence - that breaks out when people fight for the best deals.

It's like the Christmas holiday season has been reduced down to this greedy fever pitch shopping season. Big Business has clearly hijacked what should be a holy season. The essayist continued saying how business changes their cashier greeting (Walmart) to try and sound like they are dispensing goodwill as if that will suddenly cement a good relationship with the customer, making up for the rest of the year.

Well, it should be a goodwill season. During this time of year, he said, you often see strangers relax a little and make more of an effort. But here's the real question, Did Jesus really come just to make our December's better or did He come to make our entire lives better?

Then the program featured this song and I smiled as my husband put the groceries in the car and we drove back home listening to the reason for the season.
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