Monday, July 19, 2010

How Psychic Are You? Fun Test and Spiritual Gifts

*** Have some fun taking a test to see how well you express spiritual abilities and learn about some of the Spirit gifts.

From Denny: While visiting one of my blogger friends, MysticDave @ SU, he had this fun little button to the side on one of his blogs, to take a psychic test. So, I thought, why not? Might be fun. Of course, it revealed I am far from perfect in the psychic arena. :)

I've always been of the belief that to develop we benefit by cultivating the Presence of Spirit, G-d, All That Is, Jesus Christ - give it the name which you best relate. Cultivating the Divine has marvelous effects like a sense of Peace for starters. It brings greater balance to our lives when life tests come our way. It is also realized that the more we cultivate the Divine within ourselves as well as higher than ourselves, we develop a greater sensitivity to and understanding of the spiritual realm. And that's what most people refer to as "being psychic."

psychic test, psychic development and psychic readings - just click on this photo to take your own psychic test where it is at the bottom of the page.

Seriously though, when you set aside the ego need to be a super hero, what is to be considered is that the test asks questions people rarely think about all at once. They are the kind of questions most people ponder every now and then over the years unless you are a student of spirituality.

On the Scottish side of our family we call the talents the "Second Sight." Call it what you will, even the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit of which there are nine, it's interesting to consider. The Holy Spirit gifts involve "word of knowledge" which means a present tense awareness of a situation. Then there's the "word of wisdom" which directs one to knowledge of the future and how to handle complex longer term situations, common with those established in the offices of prophet and apostle. More world leaders could benefit from cultivating this gift.

The Spirit of God has been working with humanity since Time began, working toward developing spiritual awareness, balanced spiritual attitude and spiritual powers to use for common good. Every culture has their own mystical traditions that are similar to the following list of how Christianity understands spiritual gifts.

All Nine Gifts of The Holy Spirit

The Word of Knowledge - insight for solving a problem immediately, gaining access to universal knowledge you did not previously know.

The Word of Wisdom - about the future and strategy for solving complex situations.

The Gift of Prophecy - when Spirit gives you a direct message to be repeated word for word.

The Gift of Faith - a sudden infusion of faith and courage, knowing something will work out right if you act on it, beyond the normal hoping kind of faith.

The Gifts of Healings - manifesting a sudden ability to heal others, usually known as the tradition of "laying on of hands." Common in many religions and mystical traditions throughout history. Spirit will often create a particular specialty for a person to give out healings. Don't even get me started on the gift of compassion as it is powerful, sometimes working in a pairing with the healing gift for difficult illnesses like those near death or suffering from severe mental imbalances.

The Working of Miracles - A phenomena that transcends natural laws. A miracle is often where the normal operation of physical law as we know it is suspended to create a miracle.

The Discerning of Spirits - This can be insight into understanding who or what is operating behind the scenes as a manipulator to harm or help others. It can be insight into knowing about evil spirits, human spirits, angelic spirit or even Holy Spirit. Think of it as an intense awareness of all things spiritual and the ability to rightfully divide who is who and what is what accurately. It's a psychic ability to pierce past the outward physical manifestation of what most people only see and divine intent.

Different Kinds of Tongues (ability to speak spontaneously different languages than are native to you) - this occurs when a person is in deep distress, not knowing where to turn or how to pray. Your spirit will take over and cause you to pray out loud in a foreign language, of this earth or a heavenly one, to help you pray your intent accurately and with the power to accomplish the desired results.

The Interpretation of Tongues (Languages) - where there is an immediate awareness of what transpired and you known the translation of your own prayer or someone else's you heard praying in another language.

Of course, the whole purpose of these gifts is to introduce people to the power within them so they realize, and gain the perspective, of how much we are all spiritual beings living in a physical world.

In the end, while learning to flow with Spirit in such gifts, we learn the most valuable gift of all: how to Love with the power to transform lives, including our own!

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