Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kabbalah Quotes: How to Know You Are On The Right Path For You

*** Learn some universal spiritual knowledge from an ancient Jewish mysticism.

From Denny: Studying Kabbalah has gained in popularity since Hollywood actors, and musicians like Madonna, promoted it. Like anything that becomes popular there are also the opportunists who try to make money off said popularity. Ignore the fools and focus upon the core teachings to look at universal truth is what I always do. It's keeps us free of the emotional hype that pull you off balance spiritually if you allow it into your inner space.

Speaking of inner space, it seems today's religious thought does not contemplate about how the ego and the spirit share that same space. Sometimes, the ego can be like an unruly two-year-old on the loose, trashing the house and crowding the spirit into a too small dark corner. Today's religions either teach excessive harshness about the human ego and demand strict adherence to mind-numbing rules or turn loose the ego without learning any real personal discipline. Somewhere in the middle of moderation is the truth and a healthy spiritual practice.

Take a look at what ancient Jewish mystics have to say about the spiritual journey:


* The most important aspect of the process of self-improvement is the cultivation of one’s sense of humility before the Creator. This, however, should not be an artificial undertaking, but a goal of one’s efforts. If, as a result of working on the self, an individual gradually starts to develop this quality, then it means that he is proceeding in the right direction. - (Talmud, Avodah Zarah)

* A person’s highest spiritual potential is to reach the level of maaseh merkavah ("the act of rule"). He is able to correct himself to such an extent that Divine Providence over the world can be executed through that person. - (Talmud, Suka)

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