Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spiritual Energy: Can Simple Words Add to Our Quality of Life?

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From Denny: From time immemorial humanity has been given warnings about using our words with forethought and not with rash or cruel intent. There are karmic backlashes to be experienced if we go too far. In every religion or spiritual discipline - from the pagan to Christian to the Koran, even to today's movie "The Secret" - words are examined as important for our personal vision.

The current toxic, and excessive, partisan politics as recently demonstrated by Republican Senator Jim Bunning holding up unemployment checks to the needy across America just to advance his political agenda to make a Democratic President look bad, is a fine example to illustrate. Lying, as is common with the current Republican Party political style, has repercussions as well. Sure, we can not all be expected to like each other - all warm and fuzzy and kum bah yah style - but we can make the effort for self-discipline in order to create a more civil society.

Have you ever noticed, whether it's in politics on a national level, or at home with one of your spouse's family members, that an individual on a scorching words self-destruct acts like a black hole with everyone around them? They literally suck all the joy and energy out of the atmosphere, leaving everyone around them exhausted from trying to counter or avoid them. We all have destructive work bosses, family members or "friends" like that at some point in our lives.

Sure, we all get angry about a situation or politics at one time or another. The energy of anger is to be treated carefully and respectfully. It is a powerful energy that we must learn how to discipline rightly if and when we use it. The true object of well managed anger is to correct an injustice, correct an unbalanced situation or bring awareness to someone not focused in that direction.

The way to that discipline is to not involve your personal ego in the anger. Tough to do at first. Ally your ego and spirit with that of your Higher Self, God, Spirit, All That Is (whatever your favorite term) and choose to see situations from that higher level.

When you feel anger come over you, ask how to dispense it properly. When done properly the energy of anger can bring excellent benefits for others in their lives - like when a child is properly disciplined without malice, abuse or violence. That child changes course and charts a more beneficial path because of a parent who could discipline their anger in order not to be destructive with that authority and energy. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the energy of anger as a spiritual tool that must be treated with utmost care and respect.

Returning back to words in general affecting your vision, your life path and the lives of others... Keep in mind one thought every time you begin to speak or write: What do I wish to accomplish here? Is it for the betterment of others or is it only to give glory to my ego and my need for status or attention from others? This is the first step to learning how to handle the spiritual energy as it flows more and more to you from your Higher Self, Spirit.

There is nothing wrong about choosing not to fill the air with words just for the sake of making small talk conversation. It's fine to just observe others, wishing them goodwill in their attitudes toward those to whom they are speaking.

When you feel the inner urging, knowing it is time to speak, make it words that others will have food for thought for months and years down the road. My heart has always been warmed when someone brought up to me or my husband seven years later something we spoke to them as counsel for a situation. That recounting validates to us that we were giving out spiritual energy that benefited that person.

Words. They are tiny powerful things in our lives. Words can fly upon the wings of Spirit and make a better world. Have you considered your words today?


* But words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling like dew, upon a thought, produces that which makes thousands, perhaps, millions: think. - Lord Byron

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