Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dennys Photo Gallery: Beautiful Blues in Our World

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From Denny: For those who visit this blog regularly, you can guess I've just been on one of my famous versions of the coffee break - finding interesting photos to fit a theme. :) Enjoy the unexpected choices and discover new photographers!

Swan Lake Castle, Germany by joiseyshowaa @ flickr

Cloud mirror by James Jordan @ flickr

Olympics style water sunset in Vancouver, Canada by D'Arcy Norman @ flickr

Blue mists at Snoqualmie Falls just before dawn by joiseyshowaa @ flickr

Disney's vision of Manhattan by joiseyshowaa @ flickr

Miami afternoon thunderstorm by joiseyshowaa @ flickr

Blue ocean on shore by Appy29 @ flickr

Blue peacock by Tambako the Jaguar @ flickr

Farm on a snowy hill by James Jordan @ flickr

Ice boulders in Minnesota by *clairity* @ flickr

Noisy Foodie Blue Jay by Lida Rose @ flickr

Nautilus pompilius by Drow_male @ flickr

White-rumped Shama (Copsychus malabaricus) by Lip Kee @ flickr

Overflow at a reservoir by flashcurd @ flickr

Stars and Stripes balloon by Beverly & Pack @ flickr

Blue event in Germany by Marcus Vegas @ flickr

Zanzibar, African Dhows on the horizon by geoftheref @ flickr

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