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From Denny: I'll be adding these most popular posts as I go along this year. Last year was a mad dash to keep track of it of all. Check back often to see what's new! :)

I've been doing so much blog maintenance on all the blogs, compiling these lists and more that I haven't had the time I'd like to post here. Have been wanting to add some wonderful quotes about people's thoughts on beginning a new year, so will be going back and adding them soon. Will give you a list on the sidebar so you can catch up as I post them. Thanks for all your support!

Most Beautiful Quotes


Best New Years Cartoons 2010

New Years: Funny Quotes, Resolutions Tips, Poems

Funny Life and Christmas Cartoons - 25 Dec 2010

Funny Christmas Cartoons

72 Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 20 Dec 2010

Soothing Piano Music: First Love by Utada Hikaru

Music Video: Wheres The Line To See Jesus? by Becky Kelley

Music Video: Pie Jesu by Celtic Woman

17 Christmas Music and Fun Videos


36 Christmas Posts: Music, Humor, Poems, Stories, Quotes

Music Video: Mary, Did You Know? By Clay Aiken

Music Video: Where Are You Christmas? by Faith Hill

Music Video: The Christmas Shoes

Music Video: Note to God by David Foster and Charice

Music Video: The Prayer by Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Charlotte Church

Music Video: You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

Funny Thanksgiving Quotes, Video, Cartoons and Food Posts

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 17 Nov 2010

A Poem Of Remembrance


Numerology: Whats So Unusual About The Date 10-10-2010?

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 25 Oct 2010

Inspiring Quotes About Dealing With Rejection

11 Inspiring Quotes and Poem About Dealing With Rejection

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 5 Oct 2010

A Delightful Way Of Seeing Our Lives

How Do You Fit Into The Universe?


How Well Do You Handle Adversity?

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 27 Sept 2010

Meditative Moon Photos

A Healing Spiritual Poem: Waking The Day

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 19 Sept 2010

7 Thoughtful Quotes About The Future

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 12 Sept 2010

Ancient Healing Oil: Sandalwood

Call to Christians And Muslims Against Violence From Threat to Burn Koran


Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 22 Aug 2010

7 Quotes: Defining Joy in Our Lives

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 15 Aug 2010

How Is Your Aim In Life?

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 8 Aug 2010

Friendship Quote: When Friends First Meet and Connect

2012: What Will Happen to Earth and Us?

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 1 Aug 2010


Posts Roundup of Dennys Blogs - 25 July 2010

Check Out 8 Funnies of The Week - 21 July 2010

17 Short Beautiful Love Poems

What Do You Feel About Love?

How Psychic Are You? Fun Test and Spiritual Gifts

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 18 July 2010

So How Do You Measure Your Spiritual Progress?

Kabbalah Quotes: How to Know You Are On The Right Path For You

Madonna Offends Traditional Jewish Kabbalists in Israel

How Do We Prepare Ourselves For Change?

How Does Change Crash Into Our Lives to Build Anew?

Posts Roundup of Dennys Blogs - 11 July 2010

How Do You Assess Change in Yourself?

63 Quotes About Freedom and Liberty: Happy Birthday, America!


Why Smiling is Good For Your Spiritual Health: 7 Quotes About Smiling

Posts Roundup of Dennys 14 Blogs - 27 June 2010

How Does Tenacity Figure in Your Life?

Have You Ever Thought About The Process of Success?

Hope Transforms Our Lives in Tough Times

Posts Roundup at Dennys 14 Blogs - 13 June 2010

How Are Hopes, Dreams and Reality Related?

Destress: 3 Great Encouragement Quotes

Hope: Unborn Baby Grabs onto Doctors Hand in Surgery

Where Does Hope Guide Us On Our Life Path?

Does Hope Touch Your Soul?

111 Insightful Life Quotes


Funny Posts to Get U Thru Your Work Week - 26 May 2010

What Is Your Quality of Listening to Truly Benefit From the Hearing?

Sometimes What You Sideline is a Good Thing

3 Quotes: Have You Validated Yourself Recently?

Posts Roundup This Week at Dennys Blogs 9 May 2010

3 Positive Attitude Quotes to Help Shape Your World

Mothers Day Quote From Rose Kennedy

Dennys Photo Gallery: Garden Views

How Can You Help Your Child Keep Their Balance And Yours?

Posts Roundup This Week at Dennys Blogs 2 May 2010

Are You Stuck in Life Not Knowing Where to Go Next?


Posts Roundup This Week at Dennys Blogs - 18 Apr 2010

Whats Happening in America This Week - Political Cartoons 17 Apr 2010

Pollen Storms poem

Funny Odd Couples: Cats and Their Weirdo Friends

What Spiritual Tests Develop Good Character And Our Talents?

Weekly Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 11 Apr 2010

Whats Happening in America, This Weeks Political Cartoons - 10 Apr 2010

Your Dreams: 5 Common Characteristics

The Funny Side of Allergy Season - Ahh, Choo!

Dennys Photo Gallery: Spectacular Sunrises

8 Easter Quotes and 3 Easter Poems


Shoes in Church poem

48 Post Roundup: Dennys Blogs 7 Mar 2010

Funny Groundhog Phils Says 2 More Weeks of Winter

What Was Your Epiphany Moment?

Dennys Photo Gallery: Beautiful Blues in Our World

Does Your Life Feel Like a Disaster?

Funny Rules of Chocolates, Origins of the Funny Easter Bunny

3 Quotes About Facing Tough Times

Restful Photography: Only White Theme

Funny News: Italys World Slow Day

29 Post Roundup at Dennys Blogs 14 Mar 2010

7 Funny Little Sillies 4 a Grin

Restful: 16 Beautiful Creative Angel Photos

Step Out into the Unknown with Ease

10 Make You Think Fantasy Photos

Uplifting Soul Quote: What is Your Power in the World?

Spiritual Energy: Can Simple Words Add to Our Quality of Life?

A Beautiful Poem For When We Dream

7 Greatest Peace Quotes Ever


8.8 Chilean Earthquake 500 Times More Powerful than Haiti

Funny Best of the Week Political Cartoons 27 Feb 2010

42 Funny Cartoons: Olympics, Obama, Obstructionists, Obesity and You - 20 Feb 2010

What One Attitude is the Pivotal Point of Achieving Success?

Funny Mardi Gras Quotes, Who Dat Rocking Saints Songs

5 Important Inspirations

Fight 4 Freedom: Irans Opposition Thursday

When Is Our Life Most Balanced?

26 Funny Political Cartoons - 6 Feb 2010

8 Funny Advice Quotes About Sleeping

What Are Your Impediments to Success?

Do You Treat Your Ideas Like Beautiful Magic?

Do You Know Your Failures as Your Best Successes?

How is Your Dream Vision Impacted by Life Challenges?

Evidence of the Afterlife: New Book Offers Proof

The Knot Prayer

97 Posts Roundup From All Dennys Blogs

11 Great Quotes and Sayings Photos

Art Photo-Rich Poem: People Trees

Beautiful Quotes


Let Your Silent Voice Sing

How Do Dreamers Create Our World?

How Are Our Lives Like An Open Book?

Editorial Cartoons 2 Jan 2010

Artist Inspires with HOPE Sculpture

5 Powerful Soul Affirmations, Soul Journey Poem

12 Funny Things You Can Do Outside With Shrubs

67 Charities to Donate: Helping Haiti Heal

How Funny! 10 Banned Overused Buzzwords of 2009

Funny New Years Resolutions Cartoons

Funny New Years Quotes

Beautiful Quotes

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