Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What One Attitude is the Pivotal Point of Achieving Success?

Churchill as a young man in 1895

From Denny: This success quote comes from a world leader who was harshly tested during World War Two, Winston Churchill. If anyone understood adversity it was this man. His own peers and the public constantly challenged his wisdom.

When Churchill first saw what was new technology in his time period, airplanes, he figured out quickly that England needed to invest in that technology for military purposes, especially since it was clear to him that Germany was years ahead in that technology and could pose a military threat. He was shouted down and denounced as a dreaming fool. Years later, along came the war and suddenly the government turned to him as the prophet in the wilderness who spoke the truth. Had England listened and prepared as this man had told them, who knows, maybe the Americans would never have needed to enter the war to defend their ally, the United Kingdom.

Churchill well understood what it was to fail and fail again no matter how accurate he was, no matter how softly he pedaled the truth. It's human nature that people don't like change and we don't like to change quick fast and in a hurry as a situation arises that requires just that mindset.

Churchill persevered and keep a good attitude too. Now that's success!


* Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. - Sir Winston Churchill

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