Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pollen Storms poem

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From Denny: It's been a tough three weeks with all the pollen in the air around here. The worst was the tiniest pollen you couldn't see but managed to infiltrate your brain like some Nature terrorist, smother your entire body and color your car and your life entirely yellow. :) It was slowing me down so much that this week's Libations Friday poem did not get out in time. In fact I actually wrote this poem a week later to plug back in here for this segment.

What's even more funny? As I was running this poem by my husband a few minutes ago for a critical ear, he had the back door open and in drifted - and floated lazily upon the warm air - all that dandelion fuzz as if to say, "You called us? We're available!" I think pollen "treats" are the new yard cats...

To keep your sense of humor during the pollen onslaught this season, read on... :)

Pollen Storms

Thinking about those Winds of Change,
Watching them swirl furiously in the air,
Pink and yellow stinging blizzards:


Everything was in the wind:
Drifting cherry blossom petals,
Dropping white dogwoods to flutter:


Those Winds of Change scratch our skin
They tear up our eyes, stinging, itching,
The pollen blizzards swing around corners:


Nature is on the move this Spring.
The glaciers melted rapidly, warming the earth,
The plants ramped up pollen production:


Overwhelmed temporarily,
The Winds of Change will calm,
Washing Rain will drench the land:


Denny Lyon
Copyright 16 April 2010
All Rights Reserved

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Photo Credits

California wind surfing by kevincole @ flickr

Dandelion fuzz furball by Martino! @ flickr

Cherry blossoms by t_a_i_s @ flickr

I Heart Pollen by brookenovak @ flickr

Dogwood blooming by hlkljgk @ flickr

Afternoon rain by Sids1 @ flickr

Singing in the Rain by 1Happysnapper (photography) @ flickr

Spring storm in Buenos Aires by Irargerich @ flickr

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