Monday, December 13, 2010

Music Video: Wheres The Line To See Jesus? by Becky Kelley

Check out the newest addition to Christmas music this season born out of a true story - and a YouTube viral hit.

From Denny: This is a thoughtful song to help get people back into focus about the celebration of the Christmas season. This singer, Becky Kelley, age 30, is an unknown who has suddenly gone viral the past two weeks on YouTube with well over 630,000 hits.

This Christmas song was born out of a four-year-old's innocent but perceptive question, "Where's the line to see Jesus?" Kelley is taken by surprise by the amazing response to the song. She now spends up to three hours a day answering fan e-mails and calls from radio stations and record producers curious to know if she has more songs like this.

"I’m blown away. DJ’s are calling and asking me, ‘Who are you? Do you have anything else? What other records do you have." And I have to tell them this is it. I don’t have anything else."

The song sprung up from a visit to the mall with Kelley's nephew, Spencer Reijgers. While they were standing in line to visit with Santa, he asked her the question about the absence of "where were all the people standing in line to visit with Jesus?" Kelley spoke to her father about the incident and it was he who wrote a song around the story idea. Kelley's father, Steve Haupt, a business owner, also happened to have a background as a pianist. The recent hit song is well on its way into Christmas music legend. "Out of the mouth of babes..." :)

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