Friday, October 16, 2009

Just How Powerful is a Mind at Peace in the Universe?

From Denny: Self-discipline need not be a negative like a harsh regimen when applied in moderate and considerate-to-self doses. So goes the self-discipline with the mind. It's why I speak so often against mean-spirited inconsiderate attitudes toward others as that is a kind of violence, a war.

While the concept of self-discipline is hardly popular there are benefits to cultivating it. No one likes to deny themselves anything! Even I have to occasionally say no to that extra piece of heavenly chocolate and my full stomach thanks me for it later. :)

Over time, self-discipline goes a longer way to establishing and rooting a person into mental toughness. Mental toughness, while maintaining an open loving heart, helps us walk through unscathed when harsh Life Tests come knocking on our doors.

That's also why the Truth is also so very important to cultivate. That cultivation helps a person avoid confusion whether it be about a stand on politics, religion or personal relationships. Both cultivating the Truth and cultivating moderate considerate self-discipline are real Life-savers, helping to nurture a beautiful Life!

Cultivating these attitudes of Truth and self-discipline goes a long way to creating a mind at Peace. Read what this quote has to say about the tremendous benefit of cultivating a mind at Peace.


* A Mind at PEACE, a Mind Centered, not focused on harming others, is Stronger than any Physical Force in the Universe. - Wayne Dyer
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