Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How Do You Best Develop Talent and Character?

From Denny: Today's quote is an interesting one to ponder and comes from the famous writer, Goethe. He talks about how our talent best develops in calmer times instead of chaos. Isn't it odd how usually it is when in extreme chaos we try to develop our creativity and talent? Then we often wonder why we get so easily frustrated and can't find our balance.

For me, I found that when I'm somewhat stressed that stress actually propels my creativity. When things are too easy we often lose our edge. Goethe did make the observation about it is our talent that best develops during more tranquil times. In that he is referencing how in tranquil times we have more reflective time. More time for reflection and we can analyze how we want to achieve our goals. When times are tranquil it is easier for our minds to be orderly, rested, and, therefore, more receptive to sudden illumination of insight!

His opinion about the long slow development of good character is accurate. How interesting he chose to link both talent and character in the same line as mirror-imaged twins. Can it be that to fully develop our talent we must also focus upon good character? In order to develop good character might we also focus upon nurturing our talent? Perhaps talent and good character are life-long companions, forever linked to the address of excellence high up on the mountain peak of vision.


Talent develops in tranquility, character in the full current of human life. - Goethe

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