Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Social Poets: Women: Pentagon Rapists Decide If Rapes Prosecuted

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The Social Poets: Women: Pentagon Rapists Decide If Rapes Prosecuted: From Denny:  This week two new lawsuits against the military were brought concerning sexual assaults in the military academies.  It was necessary because the women were unable to get investigations into the crimes.  They were also wrongfully discharged as retaliation for reporting their rapes.

This past year sexual assault reports in the military have increased by 60 percent.  Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta reads that as women are more comfortable and trusting to make those reports.  Well, that's one optimistic way to view it.

One one court martial for all those reports

Of the 65 reports, only one resulted in a court martial.  It makes you wonder if only one out of the 65 was truly investigated so the Pentagon threw out this bone to the women's groups to look like they were achieving something significant.  And did I mention the White House declared April as Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month?

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