Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Poem: Snowing The Perfect Balance

How is our life affected by our perceptions and which perception helps us bring everything into balance? 

From Denny: The morning was so very perfect, enjoying the falling snow, cuddling into the silence snow brings, that it brought out a snow poem that I combined with the idea of how our perceptions affect our sense of Time. Sometimes, Time seems too slow when we are impatient; sometimes it goes too fast when we are afraid. Other moments we miss because of how we angle our emotions of frustration or sadness or even joy into our perception of how Time flows in our lives. This is my contribution to Valentine's Day. Read on to see why this is a poem about Love.

Snowing The Perfect Balance

When the snow begins to fall outside my window
It feels like Time is suspended for a little while.
The Southern azaleas reach out their leaf tongues
For the cold wet communion wafer of late winter’s gift.

Snow is an uncommon visitor in south Louisiana
And everyone gets to play hooky from work and school.
The early morning and the children are running outside
To greet the swiftly falling clumps of stranger snow.

A couple of more hours of planting snow and we can
Mound it up into an official yard snowman of pride.
In the kitchen we gather together to enjoy the lazy day
Stacking wood onto the roaring fire, heating hot chocolate drinks.

Snow seems to make us feel blanketed with inner comfort
Where we slow down and feel safe to reflect upon Life.
I laugh in my mind at how impatient we get when Time seems slow
And we must wait upon others to catch up to us like we want.

I remember those who always live in fear, so Life hurriedly walks away.
And when they finally turn to reflect they see Life’s discarded gifts.
I witness those who grieve and keep grieving beyond a person’s ability
To bear, a long sadness that grips, darkening their perception of Life’s beauty.

I nod my agreement to those experiencing a great joy in their lives
Like when a new baby is born or their child wins an Olympic medal.
Those fever pitch moments of joy, chasing special times not meant to last,
We send out into the Universe our wishes in vain, hoping for that second gift.

As the snow falls, silencing the busy streets, Nature quietly grounds us.
The promise of Spring’s beauty will break out in song, pushing up from the dirt.
I snuggle into the comfort of knowing how perfect sings this very moment in Time
When all is in balance, and Love is all around me, for eternity is the Time called Love.

Denny Lyon
Copyright 12 Feb 2010
All Rights Reserved

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