Saturday, January 30, 2010

12 Funny Things You Can Do Outside With Shrubs

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From Denny: First ran this on my photo blog, Visual Insights, and thought you might enjoy this post too.

These are some whimsical plant sculpture eye candies! How do people think up these things? I wonder how long it takes to create just one of these sculptures?

The "I just woke up from an acid trip and found elephants on my lawn" sculpture:

Harry Potter's mail owl on steroids:

Just what have you been feeding your pet frogs this summer, anyway?

An Eskimo and his pet moose lounging in the summer garden:

The newest summer version of the NBC network's peacock logo:

Those famous dancing bears who created "The Elmo Dance" on Sesame Street:

The biggest escargot in human memory and it looks like he's on wheels. Psst! Don't tell the French... he's trying to make his getaway.

Two egrets in full The Hulk green body makeup desperately trying to blend in while fishing, otherwise known as "doing lunch."

Two pandas who woke up to discover someone dyed their white fur green for a peppermint patty mint commercial:

A Canadian Goose who looks like he just won the Kentucky Derby race and came in first:

And who could ever forget that adorable six foot tall imaginary rabbit named Harvey? You do see him, don't you...?

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