Monday, September 14, 2009

Bad Day? Do This to Feel Better Fast and Succeed

From Denny: Can I tell you that Friday was a tough day? It was the September 11th anniversary and I could literally feel everyone's emotions throughout the country. People were clearly unsettled and upset. People were also excessively rude and obnoxious as a result that day. And, of course, I got abused that day like so many, just for breathing I suppose. What explains abusive people?

Well, I wanted to blow off the negativity as quickly as possible and turned to what I always do when too much negativity tries to make a home for itself in my world: I close the door on it and dissolve it.

How? Easy. When you experience a negative moment it's important to balance that negative energy with positive energy, a lot of positive energy.

Rather than pull inward and retreat from the negativity or decide to attack it and fight, the smart thing to rid yourself of negative energy is to go outside yourself. What am I talking about? I'm talking about when negativity tries to park on your doorstep, get moving. Go out and start promoting a hundred other people and fast!

By promoting other people you are powering outward positive energy that goes out and brings back to you more positive energy. Eventually, often in a short time, it completely dissolves the negative energy with overwhelming force.

So, what did I do to promote other people? The idea struck me to go on over to Twitter since it was Follow Friday and I started looking for poets and writers to promote. Started up a Word doc to record each line of 7 to 10 names to promote with the hash tag of #FF@then their name and I was off and running. Originally, I only planned to do so for about 50 people. But then I just felt to keep going, didn't know why but followed my intuition, just that it was a great idea for some reason.

After a few hundred names later, I felt great! No more negative energy anywhere around and a lot of people were grinning from ear to ear because it gave them a great day too. It always helps to reaffirm and validate their worth in the world too.

I left it at that as I felt refreshed knowing I had refreshed others in my process of promoting positive energy in the world. To my surprise today I get this tweet from Twitter that tells me I was number 1 on Follow Friday recommendations! To me that was too funny - and icing on the cake - and made me grin yet again. As I was checking other stats I found out that random act of positive kindness jumped me up in Twitter ranking by quite a bit.

So, you now see, that doing something for others can often lead to interesting and unforeseen good happenings for yourself too! In the end, when you help others, you help yourself. It's important to keep the circle and the energy moving to keep this a happier world. Besides, it's fun too!


Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. - Anne Hebert
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