Monday, April 13, 2009

Oscar Wilde: Brilliant AND Funniest Playwright

From Denny: Oh, what a treat! I get to blog... drumroll, please, about myself! (Talk about weird but the show must go on...) I started the usual raucous Cheeky Quote Day here at The Social Poets with the idea of a short bio on a funny talented guy from the past: Oscar Wilde. Well, you know how it goes, one thing lead to another and before I knew it, well, it was a full-fledged article flying out of the crazy bird nest!

So, I added it to my HubPages list of writings. It reads like a breezy post giving the highlights of a man's life and career. Also listed is my favorite funny movie based on his work: The Ideal Husband.

Biographies always make for good writing prompts; try it sometime of a favorite person you enjoy! For easier navigation just right click on the title link to open a new window to keep your place here at your online coffeehouse. Thanks for visiting!

Oscar Wilde: Brilliant AND Funniest Playwright:

"The Noncomformist Oscar Wilde

A bit about the witty Irish sardonic poet and playwright Oscar Wilde…"

By Denny Lyon

Photo of cheeky Wilde monument in Dublin, Ireland that surely would have amused him greatly by anaxila @ flickr

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