Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Social Poets: Prayer Curse: Republicans Call For Obama Death

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The Social Poets: Prayer Curse: Republicans Call For Obama Death: From Denny: From the deviants' corner of the morally reprehensible comes a circulating email from Republican politicians to pray for God to kill President Obama.
These guys are unbelievable. Just when you think they could not sink any lower on the vile meter, they come up with Bible verses to demand the death of a sitting President.

The real question is this: But has anyone decided to do a sanity test on these sitting politicians? Maybe it's time to take matters into our own hands and for the public to demand such a test be performed. People seem to forget that the intense harm that one crazy guy - by the name of Senator McCarthy - did to this country.
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Romancing The Chocolate: National Chocolate Cake Day Today! 2 Recipes

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Romancing The Chocolate: National Chocolate Cake Day Today! 2 Recipes: From Denny: Like anyone had to inform the chocolate hounds that today is a special day. We all know we sure don't pay much attention to any other holiday - excepting Valentine's Day - 'cause only chocolate holidays rule. :)

What are the goals of National Chocolate Cake Day? The Obvious: bake and decorate a wonderful chocolate cake and then enjoy it with a few friends! Now that's what I call a plum assignment.

First off, everyone should have at least one basic good Simple Chocolate Sheet Cake in their bag of magic baking tricks. This will make you a big hit at family or sports gatherings - read that at tailgating too.

People can cut the small or large size they desire. Of course, the cake can end up looking like a bit of a messy disaster that way so usually most cooks choose to pre-cut the pieces. I usually cut mine into long fingers like 1-inch x 3-inches. The dieters (and the diabetics who are supposed to behave but can't) can slice that in half - and the Hungry Jacks can take two. Everyone is happy!

Then try the Mexican Chocolate Fudge Pecan Cake where cinnamon is added to a basic chocolate and buttermilk cake. Chocolate and cinnamon are natural pairings and the result is wonderful.
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